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The Shared Responsibility Model and the Importance of Cloud Backup

Mouse Without Borders

"How can you be two places at once when you aren’t anywhere at all?” The Garage How many of you are familiar with the Microsoft Garage?  The Microsoft Garage is a program ...

The Strange Case of the Phabricated Phisherman

  Let me tell a little story ‘bout an email phish, I foiled the attempt, but not the way I might have wished… The ...

Empowering your business with a Remote Workforce

  Using Microsoft Teams is a new way to work for many users. Teams is a combination of many tools: chat, file storage, meetings, and many more. It presents a way for businesses to work with their business content that ...

A Quick Look at Windows Sandbox

  As today’s Anti Malware systems have gotten more sophisticated, the bad guys are rapidly being faced with the cost of mounting campaigns to ...

Chris "Smitty" Smith

Its an unhappy day here in Tucson.  Its Father's Day and mine is no longer here to enjoy it.  Covid-19 is ...

How to Clear cache & cookies in your favorite web browser

Chrome On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More . Click More tools 

Add your profile picture to Microsoft 365

So, you now have Microsoft 365 and you’re tired of looking at that colored circle beside your name with your initials in it.  ...

The Microsoft Office Name Game

How to start this article?  Maybe “Office, Office, Bo-Boffice, Banana-Fana-Fo-Foffice, Fee-Fi-Mo-Moffice”…or, how about “The article you’re about to read is true, then names have been changed to protect the innocent…” Yes, ...

Your Passwords and it's affect on Zoom

Credentials for 500M Zoom accounts have been found for sale on the “dark web.”  Personal information includes email addresses and passwords, along ...


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