Yes, folks, time to bring out the noise makers, party hats, and colorful balloons, Roland, Schorr and Tower has officially turned 18.  When I asked them what they consider the highlights might be, I received several bullet point lists that I’m going to try to turn into an article, so here goes…

RST has come a long way since its inception. From receiving help requests directly to our staff, hosting our own physical servers, and tracking most records by word documents or spreadsheets, we now have a ticketing system, multiple services in the cloud, and a central integrated documentation system.

Over the years, we have had some amazing staff and members of the RST family. All have left a lasting impression on the company and many have grown to go on to bigger and better things, including working for Microsoft, improving their careers and skills to advance their livelihood, or starting businesses of their own.

Our client base, which started out helping businesses in Honolulu, has spread to cover clients nation-wide. We now have physical offices and staff in 4 states, Hawaii, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. And clients in every US time zone, from coast to coast.

We have been honored to provide support to a wide variety of clients. Focusing mainly on law firms to begin with, RST has provided IT support to National museums, Schools, Blood banks, Investment managers, Realty companies, non-profit community resource providers, entertainment and the arts, as well as many other industries all across the board.

Turn around time on tickets and projects have improved – bottlenecks in our processes have been removed and we are no longer having large queue loads and ticket our counts are down. Clients are receiving help faster and issues are being resolved quicker than ever before.

Security has improved. We are proactive against attacks, we had stopped several network attacks for our clients within minutes of them occurring, this was able to limit the downtime of their machines and allow them to continue work as normal within the same day.

We are continuing to look for improvements whether that is in our own processes or within the companies that we are servicing, we don’t just set them up and send them on their way, we are constantly looking out for ways to improve their internal process and provide solutions that will not only work right now, but also stand the test of time as a solution.

We have always approached every Client relationship as a partnership. We truly live by our Motto, “We succeed when you do!”. Our goal with each and every client is to improve their business, using cutting edge technology and solutions.

In the future, we plan on adding Managed Keeper Security service offering to assist clients in keeping and tracking all of the secure, strong passwords needed in today’s IT environment. We also plan on implementing AI tools into Troubleshooting workflow and response to further improve Client support, security, and response. We will continue to grow and improve as technology changes, implementing our experience and knowledge for the benefit of our clients, and invest in our staff who makes all of this possible.

We are grateful to all of our staff and everyone who has been a part of the RST team past and present, as they are truly the ones who deserve the thanks for the success we have had. We have a great crew of people who we love to work with every day, and they make Roland Schorr & Tower the unique and wonderful company that it is.

My part of the story began 12 years ago when my former employer of 34 years showed me the back door.  At that time, one of the founders, Ben Schorr, offered me a consultant position – not really an employee, but enough of an association that I could use RST as “current employment” while trying to find new, permanent employment.  That didn’t happen, so I continue to consult for them when needed and they provided me blog space to write about whtever technical stuff happened to be tickling my fancy at the time.  Ben now works for Microsoft, he is one of the movers and shakers behind Copilot and Copilot is what helped me turn the bullet point lists into this article.  Here’s to another 18 years!!!