No one has more incentive to provide you with reliable and long-lasting computer hardware than a managed services provider (MSP). Think about it, a salesperson cares more about the commission, a manufacturer is mostly interested in getting you to buy the next model, and a computer repair shop makes the most money when your computer breaks down.

MSPs however, charge the same monthly rate for IT support whether you have one problem or one hundred. So the fewer computer issues you have, the fewer calls their technicians need to answer, and the smoother your business runs.

The incentive to sell only the most dependable computers would be enough to justify buying IT hardware from an MSP, but there are plenty of other benefits.

Never call a manufacturer hotline again

As an authorized reseller of many of the industry's top brands, Roland Schorr acts as a liaison between our clients and manufacturers. We keep your business running smoothly, and it's rare that warranties are needed, But in those rare cases you will be glad 1.) You have one 2.)Roland Schorr is taking care of this because when one of your devices has a defect, our privileged vendor access will ensure you never have to lift a finger to get the device replaced.

Stop waiting for deals

After nearly two decades of experience, we know exactly how much the devices we sell are worth. And because our revenue is based on long-term subscriptions rather than equipment sales, it's more valuable to woo a client with rock-bottom prices than it is to mark up a desktop by fifty bucks. That means you'll get discounts and deals year-round thanks to our position as authorized resellers.

Put an end to shortsighted purchases

When you purchase IT assets they are expected to help grow your business and to make you more efficient with the speed of technology. But without the help of a good IT Consultant, it's incredibly difficult to purchase hardware that will be as effective one year from now as it is today.

What you need is an inventory that includes information for every device in your office, including purchase dates, warranty information, patch installations, upgrade histories and expiration dates. Consolidating this information into a single sheet will ensure your hardware purchases always fit your long-term plan. When an MSP handles this, you'll never need to worry about hardware compatibility issues or missed software updates.

Speed up issue resolutions

Regardless of the type of computers or devices you need to be supported, a qualified MSP can fix anything. However, our technicians are so well acquainted with the products we sell that they can resolve problems on those devices much more quickly. So purchasing hardware from an IT support provider doesn't just streamline the purchase and installation process; it also saves you countless hours over the lifetime of your equipment.

Avoid vendor Chaos

Although some hardware resellers may strike you a deal to buy from the latest random Vendor, Roland Schorr only sells devices from brands we trust and have thoroughly tested. When you buy from us you get the benefit of years of experience of knowing & learning what hardware brands and models work best and which to avoid and why.

You won't find a business more interested in your long-term success than us. When you take advantage of our vendor relationships and managed services, you cut equipment costs, streamline IT support, and we help each other stay in business longer. Everybody wins. When you're ready to see what kind of deal Roland Schorr & Tower can make for you, give us a call.