Practice Management and Office 365

As with many aspects of business today, there is a strong drive to move to the Cloud, and Law Practices are no different.  Taking your case management solution online provides many benefits; ...

Don't Be Hollywood Presbyterian

Recently Hollywood Presbyterian hospital got hit by ransomware that shut down a number of key systems and required them to pay more than $17,000 ...

Working Without A Keyboard On The Surface Pro 4

I recently attended the Microsoft Cloud Conference in Los Angeles and was taken slightly aback to discover that the seating was basically lecturing style, which meant no tables or surfaces for typing. Since I like to take notes it meant ...

Some Quick Productivity Tips

Thought I'd dash out a quick post on improving your productivity in a busy office. I don't have a lot of time (as you'll see in tip #3) so let's jump right ...

Roll Your Own Office 365 Encryption

Office 365 encrypts email between the client and the server automatically, so the odds of getting hacked on an airplane like the reporter who was using Earthlink (Earthlink?) for email claims to have been are pretty slim if you're using ...

Practice Management 2016

One of the more commonly used programs in the legal community, Amicus, recently announced the launch of its new practice management software, Amicus Premium 2016. The upgrade hosts new features that users have ...


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