We're Hiring Again!

November 19, 2018
RST News

We're looking for a new team member who will assist our clients in solving business problems at our Flagstaff office. Tasks include analyzing their needs by identifying solutions (both technical and non-technical) & assisting the client in making good decisions. Deploying the selected solutions and perhaps training the client and/or their staff on its use. Maintaining & troubleshooting those solutions on an ongoing basis.


Business background and understanding essential. IT background helpful; IT aptitude and interest required.

The position will begin part-time but may grow to a full-time, salaried, position when appropriate. Initially 15-20 hours per week; flexible during standard business days. Limited travel required, candidate should have reliable transportation for getting around Flagstaff.

To Apply:

If you're excited about helping clients solve business problems and grow their businesses then you may be a good fit for us. Contact Ben Schorr at 928-526-3970 x101 or via email at bens@rolandschorr.com.

Ben Schorr
I started as a technology professional in the late 1980s, but was a hobbyist since the dawn of the PC era in the early 1980s. I've spent most of that ~30 years with an emphasis on legal technology, productivity, networking, and messaging systems.

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