How to see and print a list of all your installed programs

December 27, 2018

In this weeks tech tip, I talked about the Shell:appsfolder command and how it will give you a list of all your installed applications. Here's how to do it - right click the Start menu, click Run and enter the following line:


The result is an explorer window showing you all your installed apps:

Slick! So, if I wanted to send this list to a text file to a printer, how would I go about that? Can I? Ask and Ye shall receive, PowerShell will do that for you. Launch PowerShell (Admin not needed) and enter this command:


This will produce the full list:

And, if I want a text file of this list, we just modify the Powershell command slightly:

Get-StartApps > (Filename).txt

We now have a text file list of all our installed programs which we can print or import into something like Excel or Access.

There’s lots more good stuff to talk about be sure to check back next week.

Hal Hostetler
I am both a Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer, an IT Professional and now a published Author.

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