I’ll bet the instant reaction to that question is a blank stare.  What could these possibly have to do with each other?  Read on…

Bell Bottoms and Nehru shirts.

As you might have guessed, these are fashion trends.  The Bell Bottom pant came about in the late 1800s as part of a Navy uniform.  The pant legs were belled out for a variety of practical reasons to deal with life aboard a ship.  The large legs allowed the pants to be easily rolled up out of the way for such messy jobs as washing the decks. In addition, if a sailor fell overboard, bell-bottom pants could be pulled off over boots or shoes and the wide legs inflated with air for use as a life preserver.  These pants soon started to appear in military surplus stores.  In the 1960’s, young people rejected items from expensive clothing stores and shopped at both secondhand and military surplus stores. Surplus navy bell-bottoms became one of the most popular items of dress – a fashion statement was born.  Like most fashions, it faded after a bit, but made comebacks in the 1980’s and 1990s.  From what I read, it may well be on the way back again.

The Nehru Shirt, or, more appropriately, the Nehru Collar is another “lost” fashion.  Taking its inspiration and name from the clothing of former Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, the collar stands straight up from your shirt or jacket, has slightly rounded edges and doesn’t quite meet when fastened together. The Nehru jacket is a variation of the Jodhpuri where the material is often khadi (hand-woven cloth). The Jodhpuri itself is an evolution from the Angarkha The Nehru Collar was also highly fashionable in the 1960’s and has since faded…except it hasn’t completely.  I’ve read that a handful of menswear manufacturers have decided to resurrect the style and reintroduce it into our wardrobes. 



…And all this relates to Windows 365 how exactly??

Fashion!  In this case, the fashion is a thing called Thin Client Computing.  In the early days the Lord said unto IBM, DEC, CDC, and a number of others “Let there be Mainframes!” and Lo!, they came to be!  They were massive, expensive, power hungry, and NOT portable.  The were able to support multiple users at a time via serial port connection, so all you needed to work with one from just about anywhere was a terminal, a pair of acoustic modems, and a phone line.  Thanks to folks like Hazeltine who came up with the glass terminal, the era of the Thin Client came to be.  Then along came the Personal Computer, the “Fat Client”.  Who needs a mainframe when I have all that computing power right on my desk in front of me?  As such the Thin Client faded just like those clothing fashions.  Now, to be sure, the thin client idea hasn’t completely faded from fashion, it has been with us in a limited role since it was invented, however, its not a mainstream thing anymore…or is it?

Windows 365 brings it full circle.  With Windows 365, your “Fat Client” PC is located n the Cloud.  Not only that, it can be made exceedingly powerful when it lives there instead of your desktop or laptop. It is available from anywhere you find an Internet connection and you really don’t need all that much of a local machine to make use of all that power…the Thin Client returns!!!  How long will it be fashionable is anyone’s guess.