Are you Preparing your business to operate during a possible coronavirus outbreak?




We have received several calls from clients concerned about recent events surrounding the coronavirus and how it might affect their business. Here at  Roland Schorr & Tower, we are always looking at how your business can be the most successful, typically through great technical solutions, but our people matter to us the most.

Below are a few topics to consider when planning:

  • Identify your business' primary vulnerabilities
    • What are the potential impacts to your business?
  • Assess DR Plans and Preparedness
    • Review any existing plans and determine if your business continuity plan needs updating.
  • Communications
    • Employees will likely be exposed to conflicting information and feel anxious or confused about the best course of action. Be sure to communicate policies promptly, clearly, and in a balanced manner.
  • Remote work
    • Be clear on your policies — where they apply, how they will work, and when they will be reviewed. Review your IT capabilities to assure remote access for a larger scale remote workforce is possible. Work with your technology partner on solutions that make this possible.
  • Business Collaboration
    • Global outbreaks affect business in many ways and accelerate change in how we work, like telecommuting with greater importance on video conferencing and digital collaboration. Work with your technology partner on solutions that make this possible.

Planning ahead is always good, contact Roland Schorr & Tower today and we can review your remote access capabilities. If you need additional capacity we can assist with many options. We have one solution that can be deployed quickly, securely and is cost-focused toward small businesses.