Yes, it has, indeed, been quiet, so I thought I'd better provide a few words as to why.  What has happened over the last month or so is we've moved the web site to a new host due to issues we had with the old one.  The primary issue, for me, was the Blog editor (or the lack thereof).

I do all my Blog writing in good old Microsoft Word.  I'm both old fashioned in that I've been using Word since it was a stand alone DOS application, and a bit lazy since I know where all the controls are and have known for a good long while.  This shouldn't be an issue, but it was with the old editor.  As it turns out, it would have been an issue with ANY editor I would have decided to use, including Notepad!

I'd get my blog all written and ready to publish in Word, then copy all the text and paste it into the web editor, only to have the web editor make a mess of it.  In each and every paragraph of text, the editor would remove a space between words in at least a half dozen places.  This meant I had to go back through the article a word at a time to find and replace all the missing spaces - it took almost as much time to publish a fully written article as it did to write it on the first place!  Highly NOT Fun.

After doing a dozen or so articles this way, I started complaining.  Luckily, there were enough other issues with this web host that the decision was made to find a different one with a more forgiving editor, which, I'm overjoyed to say, we did!

We made the switch and pulled all the old articles over.  This mostly worked correctly, but not quite - the article pictures all had to be re-added manually and the 12 point text originally used in the articles came out more like 10 point, so that had to be fixed as well.  All this finished up late last week, so I'm back to doing articles again.

With that in mind, I'm happy to announce I've got a new article almost finished.  Its an article about my trips to TechEd/Ignite that's both a travel log and a list of tips and tricks I've picked up that will help maximize your experiences, should you manage to go to one.  If you're an MVP, you REALLY should go to at least one of them, and I've got some suggestions on how you can accomplish this without having to mortgage your first-born.

I started writing the article during the web host move; I wrote and wrote and it grew and grew and grew some more to the point that its now over 3000 words and still isn't quite finished, so I decided to break it into three pieces (I've ZERO interest in writing anything TL;DR).  Part one will be appearing here next week, so please stay tuned!!!