Occasionally I get asked just exactly what it is we do here...

So I thought I'd give you an idea of the kinds of projects we were involved in over the past week.




  • Deployed a new Windows 2012 server for an auto body shop that was previously running a Windows 2003 Small Business Server and we replaced their 100Mbps core switch with a new Gb switch.
  • Assisted a law firm with replacing their network switches AND wireless access points.
  • Replaced a non-profit's Windows 2003 Small Business Server with a new Windows 2012 Standard server.
  • Gathered forensic images of hard drives for a law firm as part of an eDiscovery process.
  • Migrated a construction company off POP/IMAP email and onto Office 365.
  • Helped a law firm evaluate practice management solutions.
  • Assisted a landscaping company with getting their equipment ready to do a public presentation. (Bonus: Attending their presentation on a Saturday morning to help make sure all the audio-visual works as intended)
  • Installed QuickBooks for two companies - including helping one extend it to multiple users.
  • Deployed two new laptops and a new desktop for a law firm.
  • Working with a new retail store to get their network and point-of-sale in place prior to their opening in the mall.
  • Conducted Microsoft OneNote training for a law firm.
  • Assisted a law firm with troubleshooting BestCase court filing issues.

...and those are just some of the things we did to help clients this week.

If there's anything we can do to help you...give us a call.