I thought I might share with you a tip, an app and an article for the week of March 7th.


I find that it can be handy to color code my calendar in order to more easily tell at a glance what my various appointments are about. Outlook doesn't make it easy to just apply a color, however it does make it easy to apply a CATEGORY and the categories can have colors. While looking at your calendar in Outlook right-click any appointment and choose "Categorize". From there you can assign any category, with as many as 20 different colors, to your appointment. The colors can mean whatever you want - for me purple means "family", green means "billable work", yellow means "new client", charcoal grey means "Travel" and so on.

Once you start using those categories you'll probably find your calendar to be not only more colorful, but more functional as well.


I'm a bit of a news junkie - I like to know what's going on - but I don't have a lot of time to read through pages and pages or search for things. I like Google News for general news and information but I've often wanted a more curated source for news and information that applies to my business.

I've tried Flipboard, and that's not bad, but it didn't quite click with what I wanted. Recently I discovered Nuzzel. It's a free service, there's a website and mobile apps and what it does is aggregate what the people you follow on social media (Twitter, particularly) are talking about. The quality of the content depends a lot on who you're following, of course. but I've found it to be quite good.

Both the apps and the website are easy to use and look good and it almost never fails to highlight for me articles of interest in a timely way.

You can find it at Nuzzel.com.


A bit self-promotional I'll admit...I've long used OneNote as a way to organize projects and gather information for home and work. I've recently started using it as a tool to facilitate "continuing education". Over at OneNote-Tips I wrote a short piece about the concept of a "Knowtebook" where you maintain one or more OneNote notebooks to gather and learn about things.

Read the article here...